SB Nation Acquires Outsports, Worldwide Leader in Gay Sports Journalism

SB Nation is proud to announce that Outsports, the worldwide leader in gay sports journalism, has joined the SB Nation network. 

Outsports was founded in 1999 by Jim Buzinski and Cyd Zeigler, two well known journalists who have established themselves as leading experts on gay sports issues and been featured in countless news stories from Sports Illustrated and the New York Times to ESPN, HBO RealSports and CNN. 

As the most-read gay-sports publication in the world, Outsports has broken numerous national stories including the coming out of former professional athletes John Amaechi and Wade Davis, the coming out of the first Div. 1 transgender athlete, Kye Allums, the NFL’s prohibition of the word “gay” on their custom jerseys, Jeremy Shockey’s anti-gay comments and many others. 

What was once a hobby, created to fill a gap in media coverage of gay athletes, has become a centerpiece of the LGBT sports movement.

"I think Outsports created the ‘beat’ of covering the issue of gays in sports and gave the rest of the media an entry point in reporting on a subject that had been taboo," Buzinski said. "Joining Vox Media’s SB Nation is a chance to be with a media company on the cutting edge and growing and will allow us to expand our reach and mainstream even further the issue of gays in sports."

Zeigler echoed his sentiments, “I’m most looking forward to the synergy between our two companies. We bring quality content to a new SB Nation readership that can have a big impact on how people look at gay athletes and fans. On the flip side, SB Nation brings their own quality sports content to our readership who are diehard sports fans. Opening new eyes to new ideas - It’s a powerful partnership.”

Kevin Lockland, VP of SB Nation’s editorial operations, said, “We are thrilled to have Outsports joining the SB Nation network. Cyd and Jim have already created the leading destination for coverage of LGBT sports issues and the leading community for LGBT Sports. Enabling Cyd and Jim to publish on Vox Media’s next generation publishing technology platform Chorus and empower the Outsports audience with our outstanding community features will take the site to another level.”

When thinking back on his favorite stories since the site’s founding, Buzinski said, “The best story is not one specific one, but rather the personal coming out stories told by dozens of athletes over the years. Each gave a name and a face to what had been an abstract issue. Many of these caused other athletes to stand up and tell their stories and made others feel less alone and isolated. Getting an email from a young athlete saying that Outsports changed his life by giving him hope is impossible to measure.”



Callie Schweitzer

Director of Marketing 

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