SB Nation and Vox Media join It’s On Us campaign to combat sexual assault

One in five women and 1 in 16 men are sexually assaulted in college in the United States. That is a sobering statistic.

SB Nation and Vox Media is partnering with Generation Progress (an arm of to support the “It’s On Us” campaign. “It’s On Us” is a movement aimed at fundamentally shifting the way we think about sexual assault. The campaign primarily targets young men (18-25), and more specifically young men in college, but is important for all men. The SB Nation audience consists of a lot of the people “It’s On Us” is trying to reach. We are pleased to join Generation progress on this important effort to make campus sexual assault, and sexual assault in general, unacceptable. From bystander intervention on college campuses to creating a cultural environment that makes sexual assault unacceptable, “It’s On Us” invites everyone to stand up and become a part of the solution.

"It’s On Us" is a year long + campaign that SB Nation is going to support in a number of ways. We will get involved by promoting the campaign, building awareness, creating original content through, our social channels, our team sites and our combat sports sites. We just joined up with Generation Progress, but as we do, we are jumping in right away.

The campaign launched today with a White House event, celebrity public service commercials, print and online advertising, and on-college-campus events. The movement’s website, launched with a pledge feature, and a PSA was released.  CEO Jim Bankoff and Senior Content Producer for SB Nation Sara Kogod represented Vox Media at the White House event. is replacing its Twitter and Facebook avatars with a co-branded “It’s On Us” avatar through this weekend, and promoting the PSA, website and pledge. I encourage anyone who is interested to get behind the launch as well by tweeting and promoting the website, pledge and PSA.

In November, there will be a national week of action. SB Nation plans to get behind this effort in a big way as well. We are just starting to organize and figure out what we will do, and will be sure to share how we and others are getting involved in the coming weeks.


Kevin Lockland

Jonathan Hunt joins Vox Media

Jonathan Hunt is joining Vox Media as our Global Vice President of Marketing and Partnerships. His goal is simple: work with all parts of our organization to grow traffic to all of our offerings, both editorial and advertising. As Vox Media continues to grow at a rapid clip, this role will grow and evolve over time, but we know it’s crucial to our work and we’re incredibly excited to have Jonathan on board.

Jonathan comes from VICE where he started and led the company’s global marketing practice, focusing on brand activation, audience dev, platform co-sales, content distribution, and paid media strategy. Prior to his marketing role he helped build out VICE’s publisher partner network and managed their ad operations. You can read more about Jonathan, his previous work, and where we’re headed on Adweek.

Nilay Patel becomes Editor-in-Chief of The Verge, Dieter Bohn is Executive Editor

This morning, Vox Media CEO Jim Bankoff sent the following memo to the company’s employees. We want to post it publicly and share our excitement about the direction all 7 Vox Media properties are heading.

Team Vox:

It’s my absolute pleasure to announce that Nilay Patel is the new Editor-in-Chief of The Verge and that Dieter Bohn will be its Executive Editor. 

The Verge team will be convening an all-hands call shortly, but since news has broken prematurely, I wanted to send this note. I’m also happy to answer any questions directly.

The Verge is pioneering and unique in its field, having grown to become among the largest and most authoritative digital media properties by covering how our future — whether in culture, science, policy, or art — is being shaped by technology. We’ve always said that The Verge is fundamentally about The Future — and we now have a new leader to take us there. 

A leader at The Verge since its inception, Nilay spent the past six months working with Ezra, Melissa, and Matt on, where he’s provided invaluable counsel and penned a series of his trademark screeds. (As Ezra put it in an email to the team back in March, “I couldn’t feel luckier to be at a company where one of the resources you get to draw on is Nilay &#*# Patel!”) Now, Nilay switches his full attention back to The Verge. Effective immediately, he’ll dig in with The Verge’s amazing editorial team, Vox Product, Vox Studio and the rest of the company to lead The Verge into a second golden age. Nilay will report to Vox Media’s Editorial Director, Lockhart Steele, who will be a partner, working with The Verge team to set the course and execute.

Dieter Bohn, currently a member of The Verge’s senior leadership team, will be The Verge’s new Executive Editor. Dieter served as editor-in-chief of the Smartphone Experts network of sites (Android Central, TiPb, and more) from 2006 through 2011, when he joined The Verge. In this new position as Executive Editor, he’ll play a key role guiding and empowering The Verge’s team of writers and editors, working closely with Nilay and the Verge senior leadership to set the overall direction for the site — and the means for getting there.

What Josh Topolsky and The Verge team built over the past two-plus years is nothing short of incredible. The site receives over 20 million unique visitors a month, and produces the best journalism and product experience in the business. We owe deep gratitude to Josh for getting us where we are today, and we wish him the very best in his new role with Bloomberg.

Across our company, I’m blown away by what I see right now. Traffic and growth rates are at all-time highs across Vox Media, even during this traditionally slow season. Vox Advertising and Vox Creative are leading the way in branded content development. The Curbed acquisition is proceeding with strength, with Eater slated to launch soon on Chorus with a gorgeous redesign. And is the fastest-growing media launch of 2014, having rocketed already to 7.5 8.6 million unique visitors a month as of this writing. Anyone who spent time with the site last week as the Malaysia Air crash and Gaza violence unfolded understand why.

As with the future itself, for The Verge and Vox Media, the best is yet to come.



Thank you again to Josh Topolsky for his leadership, and congratulations to Nilay and Dieter!

Eater Editor-in-Chief Amanda Kludt among 50 most powerful women in NY

The Daily News named Amanda Kludt, Eater’s Editor-in-Chief, as one of the 50 most powerful women in New York. Here’s what they have to say about Amanda:

"With 28 Eater editions and more than 7 million readers from Atlanta to Seattle, editor-in-chief- Amanda Kludt, 30, is a national tastemaker. Now her sites are doing reviews and even investigative journalism (like why women are so underrepresented in the restaurant industry)."

We think the honor is well-deserved! To see more of what her team is covering, head over to Eater. For more details on Amanda’s plans for future coverage, you can check out this blog post.

This Is My Next: your buying guide for the future

Before The Verge officially launched, the founding editorial team had an interim site called This Is My Next where they posted in-depth gadget reviews and covered technology news. We’ve always been fond of the name (and various iterations of it), and we’re thrilled to announce that the beloved brand has returned as part of The Verge.

This Is My Next exists to answer one question: “which one should I buy?” The consumer technology market is awash with exciting products. David Pierce and his team are going to help you find the best gadget in every category — from phones to cameras to laptops — and make your decisions as informed as possible.

They’ve wasted no time getting started, so read more about our plans and find out what is the best smartphone you can buy.

Ezra Klein and Jim Bankoff talk about product, tech, and design with Charlie Rose

Vox Media CEO Jim Bankoff and Vox Editor-in-Chief Ezra Klein recently visited Charlie Rose to talk about how to build a successful general news brand for the digital age. The conversation touched on topics ranging from the importance of good design to how Chorus provides digital-native “media hackers” the freedom to create great content. The packed interview lasts just under 30 minutes. You can watch it here.

Thanks to Mr. Rose and his team for having Ezra and Jim on the show!

SB Nation’s at the Center of the Michael Sam Story, founded by editors Cyd Zeigler and Jim Buzinski, has been both chronicling and at the forefront of advancing the LGBT sports movement since 1999. It’s no surprise that the SB Nation site is at the center of the Michael Sam story — from the SEC Co-Defensive Player of the Year’s landmark public announcement that he is gay; to his selection by the St. Louis Rams in the 2014 NFL Draft, becoming the first openly gay player drafted by an NFL team. 

In February, Outsports broke the news of Sam’s coming out as gay, along with the New York Times and ESPN. Cyd Zeigler, who was instrumental in developing Michael Sam’s media strategy, wrote the behind the scenes story of how Michael Sam came out. On Monday, Outsports broke the news that sales of Michael Sam jerseys were second among all rookies, trailing only sales of Cleveland Brown’s first round pick Johnny Manziel.  In the past week, Cyd has been appeared on ESPN’s ‘Outside the Lines’ before and after the NFL draft, NFL Network, Bloomberg TV and NPR to discuss this watershed event in NFL history, Sam’s road ahead, and the impact this will have across major professional sports.

Watch Cyd Zeigler on ‘Outside the Lines’ below and head over to for more coverage of the Michael Sam story.

Eater Names Amanda Kludt Editor-in-Chief

Amanda Kludt joined Eater back in 2008 and has since overseen the site’s growth in 27 markets. And as of last week, we are excited to have her as Eater’s first Editor-in-Chief.

There’s a lot of excitement at Eater right now as they launch a beta for restaurant reviews, continue development of Eater on Chorus, and push forward to expand both editorial coverage and technical capabilities. In her new role, Amanda will set the long-term vision for the team and oversee its ambitious hiring agenda.

Head over to Eater proper to read how excited the team is for Amanda’s new venture and to learn about other exciting personnel announcements. You can also have a look at what others are saying.

The Washington Post Profiles CEO Jim Bankoff


"Jim Bankoff was already fascinated, even a bit obsessed, by the media when he was in the third grade. As a class project, he developed his own make-believe TV network, complete with 24-hour program grid. ‘It had something for kids, something for adults and something about the Yankees,’ he recalls."

To learn more about what’s become of Jim’s obsession with the media and how it has informed his role at Vox Media, read the full Washington Post profile.

Photo by Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post is live

At the end of January, Melissa Bell, Matt Yglesias, and Ezra Klein announced they were coming to Vox Media to reimagine the way we all think about the news. Today, just a couple months later, we’re sharing their vision with the world. is now live.

Melissa, Matt, and Ezra are best at explaining what they’re up to, so make sure you start with their post, Welcome to Vox: a work in progress, for all the details.

And for an outside look at the talent and culture that made it all possible, check out today’s New York Times piece.

Hello, we are the Vox Media product team. We are designers, developers, operations engineers, and product and community managers, based in Washington, DC, New York, and Austin, and distributed remotely in cities from Santa Barbara, California to Springfield, Missouri.

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